Grown in the Alpes-Maritimes in the foothills of the Esterel, associated with Mediterranean climate and maritime influences, the Barbossi Domaine wines derive their character from the richness and diversity of its soils. The bedrock of the vineyard, Rhyolite, which gives the red colour to the Esterel, the clay and sandy loam soils and the use of excellent grape varieties (Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Rolle, Chardonnay and Muscat Petit Grain, Clairette) are the ingredients of our high quality wines, full bodied and fruity.

Aged 1 to 35 years and grown exclusively in the traditional method, the vines spread out over 10 hectares. With excellent sunshine which allows the grapes to be rich in sugar, in the proximity of the sea and typical Esterel vegetation that bring freshness and acidity, the Barbossi Domaine offers reds, rosés and whites reflecting the personality of this unique site.

Find our Wines in our restaurants :

– Restaurant Gastronomique l’Oasis, 6 rue Jean Honoré Carle, 06210 Mandelieu La Napoule
– Bistrot de l’Oasis, 26 avenue Henri Clews, 06210 Mandelieu La Napoule
– Restaurant Le Riviera, 802 avenue des Amazones, 06210 Mandelieu La Napoule

And in different points of sale :

– Pro Shop du Riviera Golf de Barbossi: – 802 avenue des Amazones, 06240 Mandelieu-La-Napoule
– La Vinothèque: 04 93 47 89 95 – 6 avenue Michel Jourdan, 06150 Cannes, La Bocca
– Cave Vallauri: 04 93 68 10 20 – 10 rue des Halles, 064000 Cannes
– La part des Anges: 09 75 85 25 67 – 17 rue Gubernatis, 06000 Nice


Emblematic tree of the Provence over millennia, the olive tree naturally finds its place on the lands of the Barbossi Domaine. Its fruits are used for the production of extra-virgin olive oil that we offer for sale and you also find on tables of our restaurants Le Riviera and La Table du Riou.

Made essentially from the Cailletier variety, olive oil from the Barbossi Domaine reflects all the fine character of this unique variety of Alpes-Maritimes: fruity and intense, with a dominant of fresh almonds.

The olives are harvested between November and December, at different stages of maturity, “turning” to “ripe”, which reveal the personality of the oil (fruity green or ripe fruity). With manual sorting before pressing, the Domaine offers extra-virgin oils.



The honey from Barbossi Domaine is produced under the expert care of Jean-Louis Lautard, renowned bee-keeper and medallist who keeps bees since the last 30 years.

The hives of the Domaine are surrounded by a rich flora and a noble vegetation unique to the scrublands of the Esterel.